Race Ramps 80-10-2

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Race Ramps RR-80-10-2 The Perfect Ramp Triple Header!

Brute Industries, Inc., Presents Race Ramps 80-10-2 Combo Package To Make Transporting And Working On Your Car A Snap. Think Of The Rr-80-10-2 As The Perfect Ramp Triple Hearder...User It To Work On Your Car In The Garage, Load Your Car Onto Your Trailer Or Use It As A Wheel Crib Instead Of Jack Stands. Service Ramp Functionality: The Rr-80-10-2 Will Allow For Easy Access To The Underside Of The Vehicle. These One-Of-A-Kind Ramps Raise The Vehicle 10 Inches, And Have An 8.5? Angle Of Approach That Allows Low Ground Clearance Vehicles To Be Driven Onto The Ramps Without The Nose And Spoiler Scraping. The Incline Section Of The Ramp Can Be Removed To Provide Maximum Access To The Underside Of The Vehicle. Trailer Ramp Functionality: Flip The Incline Section Over To Safely And Easily Get Low Ground Clearance Vehicles On And Off Trailers Without Scraping. Simply Place Your Existing Ramps, Or Trailer Door, On The Notch Of The Ramps To Reduce The Angle Of Approach To 8.5?. Ramps Provide A Stable Alternative To Wooden Planks And Other Unsafe Methods Of Reducing The Ramp Angle Of Approach. Race Ramps 80-10-2 Uses Brute Industries' Patented Super Lightweight Technology With 100% Solid Construction To Ensure The Ramps Are Highly Durable, Unscootable, And Very Stable - With The Ability To Support A 6,000 Lb. Vehicle. The Ramps' Textured Coating Prevents Sliding And won't Scratch Or Otherwise Damage Floors. Ramps Can Accommodate Tires Up To 12" Wide.

Rr-80-10-2 Combo Ramps
Part#: Rr-80-10-2
Dimensions: 80" Long X 10" High X 14" Wide
Suggested Retail Price: $430.00

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