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Race Ramps Introduces The Rally Ramp To Their Service Ramp Lineup

It's A Sweet Little Ramp!

Rally Ramps Fit Into The World Where Fuel Efficiency And Smaller, Lighter, Faster Vehicles Are Priority One. Rally Ramps Measure 30" Long X 5" High X 10" Wide, With A Built In Cradle That Will Accommodate Tires Up To 8" Wide - It's A Sweet Little Ramp That's Perfect For The Everyday Driver.
Rally Ramps Are Great For Quick Oil Changes And Any Other Underbody Maintenance. They Fit Easily Into Your Trunk, So You Can Bring Them To Your Local Track Or Car Show. Rally Ramps Are Ideal For Most Small Sports Cars Such As Stock Miatas, Subarus, Evos, Bmws, Triumph Mgs. Rally Ramps Use Brute Industries' Patented Super Lightweight Technology With 100% Solid Construction To Ensure The Ramps Are Highly Durable, Unscootable, And Very Stable - With The Ability To Support A 6,000 Lb. Vehicle. The Ramps' Textured Coating Prevents Sliding And won't Scratch Or Otherwise Damage Floors. For More Information, Visit: Www.Raceramps.Com

Rally Ramps
Part#: Rr-30
Dimensions: 30" Long X 5" High X 10" Wide
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00

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