Ra-19 Open Back Pack

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Ra-19 Open Back Pack

This Item Will Transport A Back Pack Blower And Has A Built-In Locking Mechanism. Locks Are Not Included.
The Following Back Pack Blowers Do Not Require An Additional Bracket:

Echo - Pb-265L, Pb-500T, Pb-755St, Pb-760Ln, Pb-770H, Pb-770T
Efco - Sa-2062
Dolmar - Pb-7601-4
Husqvarna - 130-Bts, 350-Bts, 560-Bts, 570-Bts
Maruyama - Bl55, Bl85
Red Max - Ebz-5150, Ebz-6500, Ebz-7500, Ebz-8500
Shindawa - Eb-802, Eb-854

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