Adjustable Height 8 Inch Wheel Cribs

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The Specs:
Stacked Measurement: 8" Tall, 15" Long, 12" Wide
Split Measurement: 3.75" Tall, 15 Long, 12" Wide
Each Crib Supports 1,500 Lbs
Wheel Cribs Hold Tires With Diameters From 25 To 30 Inches

The Advantages:
Special construction Won'T Scratch Or Mark Your Floors!
Lightweight Easy To Carry And Maneuver
Works On Virtually Any Surface, Including Sand!
Unscootable! Won'T Slip Or Slide, No Matter The Surface

Adjustable Wheel Cribs Are A Two-Piece Version Of Your Standard Wheel Cribs. Each Crib Comes As A Stacked Assembly Of Two Interlocking Pieces Of Equal Height. Their Design Allows The Vehicle To Be Lifted In Incremental Heights That Provide Clearance For A Jack And A Spacer. Each Set Supports 3,000 Pounds, Yet Each Crib Weighs Only 7-10 Pounds! They Can Hold Tires Up To 12" Wide With Diameters From 25" To 30". You Can Use One Set As Either Two 8"/10"/12" Cribs, Or Four 4"/5"/6" Cribs When The Set Is Split (Heights Depend On Which Model You Purchase).

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