Condor Chopper Wheel Chock Chck1500-90

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Condor Chopper Chock(Chchk-1500-90)Is The First Wheel Chock Specifically Designed For The Unique Requirements Of Choppers. The Chopper Chock Adds Additional Bracing For Optimum Stability For That Long Raked Out Front Fork, And Comes With Your Choice Of Front Wheel Cradle Sizes (For 90 TIRES) To Fit The Specific Tire And Wheel Size Of Your Bike. An Ultra Wide Tire Kit (Ps Uwck) Is Also Available If Securing The Chopper With The Rear Wheel Is Desired. The Chopper Chock Is Not Only Perfect For Transporting The Motorcycle, But It's Also Perfect For Use In A Garage, Or On Any Flat Surface.

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